Where to place the traps in the network of mole tunnels?

Mole traps can’t be placed just anywhere. Look closely at the galleries you need to trap (red cross).

The traps should be placed in the main gallery, which is regularly used by the mole. mole traps are centrally located

in the gallery (one in each direction).

more information in jérome Dormion’s book, “le piégeage traditionnel des paupes”, Ulmer publisher

The mole nest and the network of mole galleries

The mole nest: The male and female will build a nest after breeding to raise the young.

it’s a 40 cm high, 20 cm wide chamber with a solid vaulted ceiling.

The nest is made up of several galleries, to enable the mole to evacuate quickly in the event of danger (escape gallery).

The center of the nest is made of dead leaves to receive the young.

The deepest gallery acts as a drain, so that even in heavy rain, you’ll always stay dry.

The mole nest is easily identifiable on the surface of the ground: it’s often the largest molehill.

It is assumed that moles intentionally line their nests with damp grass to generate heat through fermentation.

Tip: Never trap near the nest, as the mole is even more wary.