Our intervention


Our intervention


Our method guarantees tangible results, although it requires dexterity and experience to locate the main galleries.

What’s more, it’s the only approach to mole control that offers lasting action, preventing re-infestation by placing traps permanently underground around your property. Taup’Green stands out as the only maup company to offer guarantees on its services.

This is the only technique that allows clear visualization and reporting of post-capture results.

Choosing the right molehill

A careful selection of the right molehill is made.

Spade a square under the molehill

A spade is used to cut a square under the molehill.

2 rusty traps are placed in the gallery (one trap in each direction)

Two rusty traps are carefully placed in the gallery, one in each direction.

Each trap is marked with a fluorescent peg

Each trap is marked with a fluorescent post for easy identification.

The earthen cake or a tile is rested, leaving a current of air.

The earthen cake or a tile is rested, providing an essential draught.

After 24 hours, the mole is killed without suffering.

After 24 hours, the trap eliminates the mole without suffering.

All moles are removed from your land

Your land is mole-free, ensuring a complete and lasting solution.



Taup’Green tells you all about it… Whether you’re a novice, a private individual or a municipal technical service, this training course will enable you to pass on this ancestral know-how.

Theoretical part on the species: habitat, reproduction, population trends, different trapping techniques and their effectiveness, regulations.

Field application: Locating galleries, laying traps, practical advice, tips, collecting mole traps and analyzing results.

Greenkeeper training at Ozoir-la-ferrière golf course (Seine et marne)

Training for the green spaces department of the town of Beauvais in the Oise region (Canada water plan)

Training gardeners at Château de Villarceaux in Val-d’Oise, France