Taup'Green book


Yes to children, but no to moles!

Enjoy your garden, but not with just anyone!

It blew so hard that it didn’t blow the roof off your house, but the harmony of your garden!

We almost feel sorry for this poor little beast (which can lift up to twenty times its own weight!): it lives underground and can’t see a thing! Yes, but the mole has delusions of grandeur and if you don’t stop him, he’ll multiply his galleries, leading to fragile soil and many other problems with molehills.

After presenting the various existing techniques (repellents, smoke cartridges, explosive devices such as the Détaupeur…), Jérôme Dormion, professional mole keeper and groundskeeper at the Château de Versailles in the Yvelines, invites you to return to a method dating back to 1799: the “Putange” mole trap. It’s simple and environmentally friendly, but requires a good understanding of our mole friend and his habits.

Le piégeage traditionnel des taupes

Traditional mole trapping

New revised and expanded edition

29.90€ only!

To help you in this merciless battle, it also includes a series of practical case studies, illustrated with photos. He who blows last, will laugh longest!

There’s no such thing as a mole catcher you don’t need to know anything about, which is why I’ve written this book, so that private individuals can finally succeed in trapping moles on their own.

No. 1 bestseller, already sold over 20,000 copies!

The book will help you :

Understand its habits and behavior to better anticipate its movements and activity zones.

Learn precise techniques to prepare your traps efficiently, ensuring they work properly and are optimally placed.

Master the art of choosing the ideal gallery to set your traps, by identifying the distinctive signs that indicate mole activity.