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Taup'Green Franchise

By choosing to join the TAUP’GREEN network, you become a member of a franchise concept that has proven its appeal to our 5,000 customers.

You’ll benefit from comprehensive support in developing your mole-making business, from initial training to promoting your services and exchanging experiences with other professionals in the sector.

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Advantages of the Taup'Green label


As a member, you benefit from the visibility offered by the Taup'Green website, a key platform on the web for those seeking mole control services.

Professional know-how

You'll receive training from renowned mole-hunter Jérôme Dormion. Thanks to his teachings, you'll learn the best techniques for effectively capturing all kinds of moles.

Sales and marketing solutions

Advice on choosing your company's status, choosing suppliers, pricing, etc. marketing and sales strategy.

Exchange within the network

By joining the Taup'Green network, you'll benefit from the experience and tips shared by all molekeepers in France, Belgium and Switzerland. This encourages you to constantly develop your skills.

Geographical exclusivity

You get the chance to become the only Taup'Green mole dealer in your department or region, giving you a clear competitive edge in your geographical area.

Ongoing support and technical assistance

As a Taup'Green member, you benefit from ongoing support and technical assistance to solve any problems or answer any questions you may have in the course of your business.