Taupier in Gaillon (Eure), testimony from novelist Francoise Bourdin in Port-mort (Normandy)

New branch of Taupier Taupe green in Gaillon, Eure, intervention at Francoise Bourdin’s home

Testimonial from a satisfied customer of mole trapping services in port-mort (normandy)

“Thank you so much for finally ridding me of the ten moles that were turning my garden into a minefield! After all the so-called recipes I’d tried without the slightest success, and despite the help of gardening friends, my problem remained unresolved. I work at home as a novelist, and looking at my garden is normally a source of inspiration, which lately has become a source of exasperation. Your traditional mole-trapping intervention was radical, and I know, having called on you a few years ago, that I’m in the clear for a long time to come! As the saying goes: “To each his own”… Françoise Bourdin.

Françoise Bourdin is a French writer. She has published some forty books, and ranks fourth among French writers in terms of number of books sold.